School District too cheap for kids' safety

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This is in response to the Juneau School District cutting the five bus routes here in the Valley.

My prediction is the bus routes being cut will result in one or more students being injured or worse by snowplows or other traffic traveling on dark, hazardous roads. Winter brings a lack of light and freezing temperatures. We're talking about kids that are 5-11 years old that are going to be forced to walk to and from school.

A mile and a half in freezing cold weather and darkness for little kids in the winter is a long way. I wouldn't let my kids (who are going to be in fourth grade, fifth grade and kindergarten) walk around the block to church in the winter because of the darkness and treacherous roads. There is no way I would let them walk to and from school because of a lack of good judgment of the Superintendent's office.

It seems pretty funny that the city has enough money to buy DeHarts so they can have yet another marina, and has enough money to build another park every 100 feet, and the city can brag about all of the windfall profits it has from raising property taxes, but they are too cheap to run five bus routes that ensure the safety of the children of the Mendenhall Valley. But then, with the city's record of pedestrians that are run over, why should any of us be surprised by this lack of common sense?

And has the city stopped to realize that if any children are hurt in accidents as a result of canceling the bus routes, that the city can be held liable for it? One lawsuit is all it would take to make five bus routes seem like a drop in the bucket.

Please, I plead with the Juneau School Board to overturn its decision. This is an accident looking for a place to happen.

Leona Lear


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