Thane path valuable to all residents

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bike path, pedestrian way, sea walk, coastal trail - whatever term is used, a separated route for walkers, joggers and bikers, from downtown to the Sheep Creek bridge, would contribute dramatically to the safety of all Thane Road users - in and out of vehicles - and would be a valuable amenity for all Juneau residents and visitors.

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The Thane Neighborhood Association appreciated very much the Empire's recognition of this in its May 28 editorial.

We are planning later this year to convene a "summit" of those interested and relevant to Thane Road safety and recreational use - such as the state Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, the city, bike riders, runners and Trail Mix - to discuss the situation and develop options. Working together, we might accomplish something that would benefit all of Juneau.

Larri Irene Spengler

President, Thane Neighborhood Association


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