Amazed road hasn't been built sooner

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Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2006

I have been reading quite a number of letters in the paper from people who definitely appear opposed to the road north out of Juneau. I respect those opinions, however, I support the road and am amazed that it wasn't built years ago.

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I have been a resident in Alaska for some 40 years, and the majority of the people I talk to from all over Alaska also support the road. I am not sure if everyone remembers, but six or seven years ago the Department of Transportation completed an extensive study initiated by Gov. Knowles that concluded the most reasonable access to Juneau was the road to Skagway.

It was interesting to see that after that study, Gov. Knowles came up with his fast ferry scheme in light of the fact that the government of British Columbia had just scuttled its fast ferries. I think everyone concluded at that time that they were seeing the heavy influence of the governor's chief of staff, Mr. Ayers, and his boat guy, Bob Doll. This whole fast ferry boondoggle would seem to make a good study of mismanagement in government.

I feel that Gov. Murkowski is on the right track in his support for the road. This road may not go quite to Skagway, but this latest plan will certainly be an improvement over any fast ferry. It certainly seems to provide the best compromise from opposition out of Haines or Skagway. Knowing that the road to Echo Cove was finished more than 40 years ago, I think it is way past time to improve access to Juneau by extending that road.

Edwin Johnson


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