My Turn: Don't let Planned Parenthood come

Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2006

It has recently come to my attention that, once again, Planned Parenthood is digging in for another stronghold here in Alaska. The big bull's-eye is now aimed at Juneau. There are so many valid reasons not to look forward to Planned Parenthood in your neighborhood. Its long history has affected the American family in so many devastating ways.

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First of all, you must recognize that Planned Parenthood is big business. Since Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton made abortions for the entire nine months legal, Planned Parenthood was one of the first to open business. Since January 1973, Planned Parenthood has built a chain of 173 surgical abortion facilities that performs 255,000 abortions per year. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of the abortion industry in America. It's strangely true that Planned Parenthood receives enormous amounts of federal, state and corporate money every year to help fund its operation. To top it all off, being nonprofit, it isn't required to pay taxes.

Just to give you some perspective of what a quarter million lives can be compared to, let us remember that terrible day in September 2001, when the United States was attacked by terrorists. On that day alone, 3,000 people were killed in Pennsylvania, New York and Washington, D.C. But according to national statistics, more than 4,000 babies are reported aborted each and every day, 365 days a year. At pro-life Pregnancy Care Centers all over the United States, classes are offered for women who suffer the aftereffects of abortion. These classes work toward restoring the loss that a woman feels after having had an abortion. The sense of loss, anger, sorrow, regret and the inability to forgive must be restored and dealt with so she can go on to have a meaningful and happy life.

Under the careful eye of Planned Parenthood President Fay Wattleton, the number of abortions from 1978 to 1992 almost doubled to 132,000 per year. Then, under the presidency of professional nurse Pamela Maraldo, the numbers crept up to a little more than 139,000 in two years. All the stops were pulled out when the most pro-abortion president in Planned Parenthood history took over, the notorious Gloria Feldt. Abortions skyrocketed, and by the time she left in 2004, Planned Parenthood was committing more than 255,000 abortions a year. Planned Parenthood has adoption listed as an alternative, but little or no counseling is done in most clinics to encourage women to make a choice for life.

Now Juneau has the "opportunity" to continue to be part of this notorious history. Do you really want to promote and have this sort of industry as your neighbor? I believe Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, from her early days in 1915, had an agenda to control and eliminate the poor, deformed and those of inferior race. Even today in America, the black population, even though it's only 16 percent of our whole nation, receives close to one-third of all abortions. Margaret Sanger is winning.

In one of my reference books under the Sanger name, there are subtitles: abortion, Communism, drug addictions, lovers, occultism and racism. She openly embraced a lot of Adolf Hitler's opinions about breeding a pure race and eliminating all others.

With a legacy and history like that, why would any community want Planned Parenthood as a neighbor? Don't wait until Planned Parenthood is up and running before you take a stand for the community of Juneau. Planned Parenthood will be in your community, in your schools and in your sons' and daughters' classrooms. Birth control and abortion will be done with or without your permission. Don't wait until it's well established in your community to let your concerns be heard. If you own property that Planned Parenthood wants to rent or purchase, take the necessary steps to stop its growth. Juneau does not need this, and Alaska will certainly not be a better or safer place, especially for the little one in the womb. I heard a statement that the woman's womb was the most dangerous place in the world. This will be especially true for Juneau.

• Eileen Becker is a resident of Homer and is the director of the Pregnancy Care Center. She also served on the board of directors of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Homer Inc. for 10 years.

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