Promoting local jewelry stores is the solution

Posted: Friday, June 01, 2007

Whether Juneau should follow the lead of Ketchikan and pass a law to disperse new jewelry stores around the city is the wrong question and the wrong approach.

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Most of the new jewelry stores that have opened or are opening in Southeast Alaska cities are served by cruise ships and owned or financed by those same cruise ship companies. There profits don't stay in the local communities and thus support local organizations.

The answer to keeping the profits in local communities is to promote locally owned businesses to tourists. They don't know if it is locally owned or owned by the cruise ship companies, unless an organized effort is made to tell them. Some shops have small signs in their windows promoting "locally owned," but unless you are looking for it, you don't see it.

Creating regulations/zoning laws that force jewelry stores to disperse may cost cities a lot of money in legal fights that I don't know they can win. Promote locally owned more and save the costly legal battles.

John C. Wynne


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