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Posted: Friday, June 02, 2000

What a wonderful surprise to find Celebration 2000 on Channel 4. Since I'm not a Native American, I have not been a participant. I truly enjoyed watching and I hope these broadcasts continue.

Blessings to the bus driver who rerouted the bus through Centennial Hall's parking lot when Celebration started yesterday. It was great to see all the Natives and wonderful for our visitors.

I can't believe the death of Tito Puente only rates page 10 for the Empire. This is Tito Puente - he's so important. Come on you guys.

Thank you for the wonderful article on the graduates heading onto distant locations.

That low, droning noise from the downtown area that started at 4 a.m. today was city workers cleaning the cracks in the sidewalk. We only have a few more days of it.

It's hard to know who the idiots are that voted in or approved the Auke Bay harbor design. The harbor board should be removed for that - it is awful.

I too enjoyed the thoughtful letters when there was no Word of Mouth. But I did look all over the paper for the column. I'm happy to have it back.

To the writer who enjoyed a day off from Word of Mouth - you can have the whole week off from the column. Just don't read it.

Well, it's 9:18 p.m. on Thursday and there is a helicopter flying around over town. I guess this is how at least one helicopter company observes voluntary compliance.

To all those individuals who are so concerned about the noise - where are they going on their next trip? Don't they realized they will be tourists too? They should show some respect.

Some of the supporters of industrial tourism still don't get it. Some people in Juneau like the peace and quiet here rather than traveling somewhere else to find it.

When there is an automobile accident in Juneau - the police, after they have conducted their investigation, should inform the city's clean-up crew to come and clean up the debris. Sometimes the debris is left for weeks and can be a hazard.

Thanks to DOT and the construction company for the much safer intersection at the Montana Creek Road and the Mendenhall Lake Road.

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