It's only fair to let me ride

Posted: Sunday, June 02, 2002

I love to ride off-road vehicles and I'm sure other people love to too. Everywhere I ride I get yelled at. It's not fair. We need an ORV park and we need one now! Yes ORVs are harsh on the land but what isn't that we build? A few acres can't do too much harm. The more time we take, the more acres will be ruined. Then what's the point of even building a park? If we take action now and build a park, more areas will be preserved from ORV damage, less people complaining about ORVs and less hassle for everyone.

Most areas I've heard that were recommended by the Juneau area off road vehicle (ORV) planning committee only have one kind of terrain, most of the time gravel. Who really wants to ride on gravel all the time? It's most likely that people will stay in the boundaries if there are all different kinds of terrain. It's more fun to ride through a mixture of gravel, mud, water, hills, straight-aways, etc. So let me ride!

Phillip M. Scott


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