Losing our best

Posted: Sunday, June 02, 2002

What a sad day for the state of Alaska when good people choose not to re-file for their legislative seats because of the lack of leadership, the myopic partisanship, and the need to not seek solutions because their constituents don't get the big picture and may not re-elect them.

The actual leader last session, people like Andrew Halcro, Bill Hudson and Ken Lancaster (to name a few), who actually sought solutions, are so frustrated they are not running. I hope they are just taking a break and will run again when statesmanship once again returns, and our elected officials put the needs of the state before their loyalty to those few people who fund their campaigns.

Thank you Andrew, Bill and Ken for your efforts during your tenure in the Legislature. We here at home share your frustrations, and trust your constituents will replace you with people of equal character and stature.

Myrna M. Maynard


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