Won't get fooled again

Posted: Monday, June 02, 2003

This June 3, in the special municipal elections, I'm voting "No" on both bond propositions. I say enough is enough. Why are we in need of these bond propositions? To complete what was started, overcrowding in the high school? Can't be true. We just put $20 million into the current high school. Twenty million dollars can build a lot of classrooms. So, what did we get?

Do you remember a few years back how Juneau needed smaller classroom size (student-to-teacher ratio)? The JEA, School Board, Assembly and a whole bunch of other groups touted this. Paraphrasing, "We needed a new high school because of the overcrowding within JDHS." So what did $20 million get us? A great view of ex-Mayor Egan's house, extra space for school administration and at least two fewer classrooms at the current high school. Yes, $20 million gives you two fewer classrooms.

And now the School Board, Assembly and Chamber of Commerce tell me we need more money to complete this worldly view of the future Juneau. I hear if we don't vote "Yes" and get the money now, the sky will fall because, you see, the burden of paying for this other boondoggle is going to be less now than later. Sure it is. I believe what the city tells me. You know, like $20 million minus two classrooms.

I am sick of the deception I hear from the city. I was able to attend a site council meeting on this matter. It just sickens me when questions can't be answered, incomplete information is given out and we will have an answer at a later date from city staff. Twenty million dollars on an arch has convinced me to vote "No" on June 3.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and shame on me.

David Hurlbut


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