Your kids will thank you

Posted: Monday, June 02, 2003

I would like to urge all voters to go to the polls on June 3 and vote "Yes" for Propositions 1 and 2, but my letter is directed specifically to parents who have children attending Auke Bay, Riverbend, Mendenhall Valley and Glacier Valley schools.

With approval of Proposition 1, Juneau will build a second high school in the Valley equal in size to JDHS. If Prop 1 fails, we will end up with a much smaller school in our neighborhood. With four out of the six Juneau elementary schools located in the Valley and farther out, it seems the bulk of our future school population lives closer to the new school than to JDHS. So, please approve the funds to build a larger school that will hold as many of your children as possible. Vote "Yes" for Props 1 and 2. Your kids will thank you later.

Eva Bornstein

Auke Bay

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