No man of the people

Posted: Monday, June 02, 2003

The doctors in Washington say they have found a heart in Mr. Murkowski; the only question now is, does it have any feeling? As I read the continuing saga of proposed budget cuts, I am amazed to read the outcome of our political process. As Mr. Murkowski proposes cuts in programs for the elderly, the disabled and the young, I become sickened when I read about him giving a tax break to the richest growth industry in the history of mankind. Correct me if I am wrong, but the oil corporations that work in Alaska do so at a profit. Why are we taking away benefits for the people of Alaska and giving so much to so little? At a time when we have to tighten our belts, all of a sudden, a $50 million subsidy is not a problem.

His budget is nothing short of a fantastic display of smoke and mirrors, taking from Peter to pay Paul. I have always been suspicious of Mr. Murkowski's motives. But now I can lay those fears to rest; the strings shine brightly on the puppet. His real constituents must be pleased with this generous display of corporate welfare during such difficult times. Clearly his vision is clouded by his true motivation, which is to take care of those who have lined his thinking and his pockets. He is not a man of vision; he is not a leader. More importantly, he is not a man for the people.

Lately I find myself sometimes praying for a miracle. Not a big miracle, just something simple like maybe real Alaskans will be getting something from the different taxes they pay. One can only hope.

Kenn Magowan


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