Don't let Coeur cut costs

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Coeur Alaska's recent announcement that it wants to take over the Canadian mining company, Wheaton River, exposes the misrepresentations and lies in Coeur's dealings with Juneau over the Kensington gold mine. Coeur is already the largest silver producer in the world, and its chief executive boasts that combined, Coeur and the smaller Wheaton River would generate nearly $100 million in earnings every year. Meanwhile, Coeur Alaska is selling its environmentally unsound plans for Berners Bay - including its proposal to dump mine waste in a fish-bearing lake - as cost-cutters necessary to make the Kensington mine profitable.

Isn't it interesting that a company unwilling to spend a little more on mining in Alaska to spare Berners Bay and Slate Lake has the financial clout to offer $2.56 billion to buy another mining company?

Dave Gurtman


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