Denver reporter accused of stalking former Alaskan

Posted: Wednesday, June 02, 2004

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - A reporter for the Denver-based weekly Westword has been arrested on suspicion of stalking a man that he said raped him in Alaska in 1978.

David Holthouse, 33, was arrested at his home Saturday in Broomfield, less than three weeks after Westword ran a cover story in which Holthouse confessed that at one point he considered killing his rapist.

Holthouse said Monday that his friend was arrested on suspicion of stalking after staking out the alleged rapist's home, and Holthouse was arrested on the felony stalking charge when he went to bail the friend out of jail. Holthouse said he believes the article he wrote led to his arrest.

"Any charges against me are essentially charges of thought crimes," said Holthouse, who is free on bond.

Police said the case was under investigation and they could not offer details.

In the cover story, Holthouse described being raped at knifepoint at age 7 by the teenage son of his parents' best friend. Holthouse's family lived in Anchorage at the time.

Holthouse wrote in the article about buying an illegal gun and planning to kill the alleged rapist, who no longer lives in Alaska.

"I was going to watch him writhe like a poisoned cockroach for a few seconds, then kick him onto his stomach and put three bullets in the back of his head. This time last year I had a gun, and a silencer, and a plan," Holthouse wrote.

Holthouse wrote that he changed his mind after his parents found out about the assault.

Instead, Holthouse wrote, he met the man in Denver last month, when the man apologized for the assault and said Holthouse was his only victim. The alleged rapist has not been charged with any crime.

Alaska-based lawyer Sidney Billingslea said she represents the man accused in Holthouse's article.

When asked if her client raped Holthouse, she said the story in Westword was "fairly accurate" and that her client was 14 years old at the time of the alleged attack.

Holthouse said he has "absolutely no intention" of harming the man.

But, "I was seriously considering doing him harm at one time," he said.

He said his mother sent letters to the alleged rapist's neighbors in Broomfield last week warning them of the man's past.

Fearing retaliation against his parents, Holthouse asked a friend to watch the man Friday, Holthouse said. Holthouse and the friend, identified by police as Nelson Guanipa, 29, were arrested.

Westword editor Patricia Calhoun said the weekly stands by Holthouse's article.

Holthouse said his decision to write the article hasn't changed since his arrest.

"I thought the story was more important than any legal risk to myself," Holthouse said.

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