My Turn: Social Security Trust Fund raids must stop

Posted: Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Does anyone know the Oath of Office our congressmen and women take when sworn into office? I can give you an answer. He or she swears to "support and defend the constitution of the United States against all our enemies, foreign or domestic. Bear true faith and allegiance to the same and will faithfully discharge the duties of the office".

Well and good, but where and when do they bear true faith and allegiance to the constituents they represent?

How many trillions of dollars of the Social Security Trust Fund have certain members of Congress, if not all, blatantly raided from the fund since 1960? Would you believe 2 trillion and then some? Can you conceive of that? If you or I pulled that stunt on someone's trust fund we would be arrested and sent to prison.

Who gave permission for any person or entity to help themselves to the Seniors Trust Fund? You know that fund came about from the paychecks of current seniors so they would have a future in their old age without want.

I'm sure there must be a list of who took what and how much. They didn't have my permission to steal from the fund and I think we should be informed of the names, and the amounts. And has anyone of you heard of any official mention the severe state the Social Security Trust Fund is in and how they will protect it from being raided even more? Even the Supreme Court has ruled that the Trust Fund can be taken and used for whatever the government needs.

It seems the highest court doesn't give two hoots about the senior citizens, either. Several of them are even senior citizens, but you can bet they won't retire without bountiful sums of money that no one else can touch. Their retirement years are financially safe.

And what about our new president? What has he done to protect the Trust Fund? So far, I have not heard of anything. I haven't even heard of any loud protests from the Senior Citizens who have been "billed" for the last 40 years. Doesn't anyone of you care that Social Security, your money, has and is being stolen by the very people we elected to protect our country and also our retirements?

For several years now, different groups have been telling us that we are being sold down the river and they can help us to keep Social Security safe for us and our descendants. So far these groups have been ineffectual.

Will the Social Security Trust Fund ever be locked off completely from those who think it is theirs to take whenever they choose? I certainly pray we get the protection we deserve for our "Golden Years."

I, as many of you, was raised during the Great Depression, but I didn't know the word "poor" because almost all our friends and neighbors were in the same boat - the USA boat - and it has sprung a leak and is sinking again.

The politicos don't seem to care whether seniors or future retirees have that safety margin in order to keep our heads above water. Shame on the Supreme Court, Congress and our government!

We are not asking for welfare, only our own money plus interest.

• Dorothy Norden is 84 years old and has lived in Juneau for 37 years. She has received Social Security for 19 years.

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