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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, June 03, 2004

You may have read last week's article about our school shutting down Act of Defiance's concert.

Last Wednesday, I was walking towards the concert that our group, The Gathering, was putting on. As I walked in, I heard Act of Defiance start their first song. I was getting into the hard-rock music when the bright fluorescent lights turned on. Shading my eyes, I heard someone start to yell. I immediately recognized the angry voice as our vice principal, Mr. Staley. I was shocked to have him storm in, yelling things like, "Get out of here. This is over. There's nothing left to see here, so you better leave now." First, I was confused. Then I became angry after I found out what the reason was for shutting us down.

They first thought of the excuse of unapproved flyers, which we didn't put up. Once we told them that, they thought of three excuses, all of which did not have proof behind them. So basically, they shut it down for no good reason.

Other people shut you out because you are religious. But, when I go to The Gathering and other similar places, I can talk about my religion and be understood. There were many people that were unsaved who went to the concert. What our concerts are all about are reaching people. Both saved and unsaved. Shutting us down made me and many other people feel different from everybody else. When they shut us down, we lost many people who we finally could have reached.

We have been meeting for five months, and have had three concerts. They would have heard all of the music from the previous concerts. No one seemed upset about the fact that we had had them before. We just want to know what was different this time.

Stefanie Davis


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