Palin's fall session a wake-up call for city

Posted: Sunday, June 03, 2007

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This is in response to Gov. Sarah Palin's idea to hold a special session outside Juneau this fall and Juneau Rep. Andrea Doll's outcry that the governor should not consider this. Doll apparently has forgotten that Juneau did not support Palin during the election and that the governor doesn't owe Juneau anything.

I believe this is a friendly and subtle wake-up call to Juneau to get behind and support easy, affordable access to Alaska's capital.

Instead of having Juneau's delegation write bills on how to charge us for plastic grocery bags, maybe it could support Juneau's economic growth by advocating affordable access by road and good paying jobs at the Kensington Mine. If our senator and two representatives show enough leadership, maybe our mayor might join them and they could all do something very positive for Juneau's economy.

A road would give our legislators from the north an affordable alternative to expensive air fares. A road also would free up state ferries to give the rest of Southeast Alaska much better service.

I mentioned in an earlier letter that our fellow Alaskans to the north are watching closely if we will support a road linking them to their capital. They may not feel like supporting us in a capital-move issue if there isn't a road. I would hope all our elected officials have this in mind.

But what do I know about how my fellow Alaskans feel? I have only lived here for 47 years. I'm sure that out-of-state people must know more, as their letters are published on an almost daily basis.

Dick L. Dau


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