Governor, city manager deserve our praise
I am writing in response to the article, "City expands aid for electric customers," dated May 23.

Thank you for article on prescription drugs
I want to thank you for your article titled: "Center addresses prescription drug use."

Post-avalanche summer fashions
The word on the street in Juneau these days is conservation. We're all trying our best to use as little electricity as possible, mostly because we don't want to pay for it. All aspects of our lives are affected, especially fashion.

Boat crew successfully rescues goat
Captain Steve Weber was reluctant to intervene in nature. When the crew of the Adventure Bound went by a rocky ledge Monday to rescue the 3-week-old goat, it was eating leaves voraciously and seemed just fine.

Groups, city file Tongass plan appeals
After a decade of lawsuits and amendments, the new Tongass Land Management Plan was released earlier this year. But it won't be final until 14 appeals have been answered.

A headline to a story on the new Tongass Land Management Plan in Sunday's Juneau Empire incorrectly stated the number of appeal points Tongass forest officials must address. Fourteen appeals were filed, each with multiple points. They must be answered by July 14.

Skipper seeks to rescue orphaned goat
An orphaned mountain goat kid is tugging at the heartstrings of a Tracy Arm boat crew.

Hydroelectric power back in business
Juneau's hydroelectric power has been restored. The city is no longer running on costly diesel.

Rare Tlingit warrior's helmet captures $2 million at auction
A Tlingit warrior's helmet previously unknown to exist was recently sold to a private collector for what is believed to be a record amount for a Native American artifact at an auction.

Juneau residents express relief, happiness at return of hydro power
People greeted word Monday that hydro power was restored on the Snettisham line nearly two months ahead of initial projections with happiness and relief.

Photos: Wooshkeetaan Clan raises totem pole
First, Doug Chilton, a Tlingit artist and member of the Deasheetaan (Beaver House) Clan, center, is acknowledged by Sam Hanlon Sr., right, of the Wooshkeetaan (Shark House) Clan during a totempole-raising ceremony Sunday in Hoonah.

Rep. Kerttula draws opposition in primary
Democrat David Newman filed Monday to run against Juneau Rep. Beth Kerttula, the incumbent member of the House of Representatives and leader of the House Democrats for the last two years.

Photo: Ready to celebrate
Graduating senior Chelsey Brummitt tosses a beach ball in the air Sunday during the Juneau-Douglas High School commencement ceremony in the school gym. Principal Bernie Sorenson said the Class of 2008 was the largest graduating class in the school's history.

Assembly passes budget, property tax rates and money for parking garage
The Juneau Assembly approved a $300 million budget for next fiscal year and voted to keep property tax rates at the same level they are at now.

Photo: Message in music
Darren Friday, left, plays drums in a band with Teresa and Sadao Uehara on Sunday in Marine Park downtown. The three are with the Juneau Christian Deciple Church band. They said they were playing to entertain while sending a message to passers-by.

Photo: Gearing up for Celebration
Dance leader Carolyn Noe, left, directs the Yees Ku Oo, New Beginning New People dancers of Juneau as they practice Monday at Marine Park. The group is preparing for Celebration 2008, as well as the Four Story Totem rededication at the City Museum. Celebration starts Thursday morning with the Grand Entrance from ANB Hall to Centennial Hall.

Photo: A hard summer day's work
John Hermle Jr. pushes his lawn mower Sunday around at his home on Eleventh Street to pick up the grass he cut the previous day. Hermle said the grass was too wet and long, so he let it dry out for one day before using the grass catcher to scoop it up.

Photo: How does your garden grow?
Professional gardener Terry Laskey works in a client's garden Monday on Main Street.

Around Town

Around Town
Today, June 2

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Lavon Arnel Liberty
Former Juneau resident Lavon Arnel Liberty died suddenly on May 18, 2008, at the SEARHC Mount Edgecumbe Hospital in Sitka. She was 41.

My turn: Motorcycle awareness - share the road
One out of every nine U.S. road fatalities accounted for last year involved motorcycle riders. This steady increase in fatalities over the past decade represents one of our nation's greatest challenges.

Alaska editorial: Lawmakers should examine governor's gas line decision
G ov. Sarah Palin is going with TransCanada as the builder of a pipeline to get Alaska's gas out of the North Slope and into markets in the Lower 48. The governor made the announcement last week at a news conference in Anchorage.

Opinion: Talking 'bout my girl
D ear daughter:I have loved you from the moment I met you. You were still wet from the birth canal, hair matted to your scalp, eyes squeezed shut. They dried you off, cut the cord, placed you in a bassinet under a warming light. I went over to you. My hand covered your torso.

My turn: Petrarca not only advocated breaking the law, he was rude
I enjoyed reading Richard Gard's My Turn in Friday's Juneau Empire, praising Alaska Electric Light & Power for their efforts. This is the kind of polite and positive public discourse that we should all encourage.

It's hardly surprising for McClellan to seek distance from Bush
By writing a memoir that slams the way President Bush handled Iraq and other matters, Scott McClellan has joined the parade of ex-White House aides cashing in at the expense of their former bosses.

Outside editorial: A return to arms control: No matter who wins in November, treaties are back
Shortly after taking office in 2001, President George W. Bush began leading the United States in a radical new direction on nuclear arms strategy. The president proposed to abandon formal arms control treaties while unilaterally reducing the U.S. arsenal, building a missile defense system and beginning the development of new nuclear weapons. Over time international and congressional pressure caused Bush to alter his project somewhat: In 2002 he agreed to a bare-bones treaty with Russia covering the reduction of the two countries' deployed warheads, and last year the administration began talks with Moscow about a successor to the Cold War-era START treaty. But the administration has mostly stuck to an ideology that regards arms control as an unnecessary hindrance to U.S. power.

Wasilla man suspected in killing shoots self
ANCHORAGE - A Wasilla man suspected of shooting a neighbor to death emerged from his home Sunday and shot himself.

Woman indicted for sexually abusing teen
JUNEAU - A grand jury on Friday indicted Lindi M. Vinje, 38, on one count of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor for allegedly abusing a child between 13 and 15 years old last month.

Copper River will open to dipnetters
ANCHORAGE - Copper River dipnetters are allowed to start fishing for the first time this season, starting Thursday night.

Gas prices have mixed effect on RV traffic
FAIRBANKS - Gasoline prices are up and Fairbanks businesses that cater to recreational vehicles and other rubber tire traffic are seeing some effects.

New dairy opens for business in Wasilla
ANCHORAGE - The Matanuska Creamery is open for business.

Filing deadline nears for August primary
ANCHORAGE - The final lineup for August's state primary election is almost ready.

Man suspected in Wasilla shooting dies
WASILLA - Authorities say a Wasilla man who they believe fatally shot his neighbor and then shot himself has been declared dead at a local hospital.

Architect to receive MacDowell Medal
PETERBOROUGH, N.H. - Architect Thom Mayne will be the 49th recipient of the Edward MacDowell Medal to be presented in Peterborough, New Hampshire, in August.

Small earthquake felt in Southcentral
ANCHORAGE - Residents of Willow and Palmer reported a small earthquake.

Tractor-trailer tips on Elliot Highway
ANCHORAGE - Alaska State Troopers said a tractor-trailer carrying 4,500 pounds of cleaning solvent tipped on its side near Mile 44 Elliot Highway.

Airline plans 'Paint the Plane' promotion
ANCHORAGE - Alaska Airlines is planning a colorful commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Alaska statehood.

Search continues in suspected drowning
ANCHORAGE - Alaska State Troopers suspect a 2-year-old boy has drowned in the Kanektok River.

Juneau baseball, softball each earn top seeds
The Juneau-Douglas High School baseball and softball teams got a sneak peak of their places in the Alaska School Activities Association state championships on Monday.

Sports Digest
Winters records first ace of Juneau golf season

Sports in Juneau

Lawmakers to begin debate on Palin's gas line proposal
The clock starts ticking for Gov. Sarah Palin today.

Palin encourages lawmakers to support TransCanada plan
With a special legislative session on the natural gas pipeline set to begin Tuesday, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her advisers have begun the hard sell for their plan to achieve the elusive dream project.

Investigators pin in-flight fire on cracked engine part
ANCHORAGE - Fire and dense smoke that forced an emergency landing of a Southeast Alaska commuter airplane last year was caused by a crack in an engine part that allowed hot exhaust gases to escape, federal investigators have concluded.

Japanese government searches for soldiers' remains in Alaska
ANCHORAGE - The searchers dug for days, ignoring blisters and sore muscles to look for remains of Japanese soldiers buried in mass graves on the Aleutian island of Attu following one of the bloodiest battles of World War II.

United Airlines to drop service to Alaska
ANCHORAGE - United Airlines plans to discontinue all Alaska flights in September.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Prison system assigns Kohring to California
ANCHORAGE - A former Alaska lawmaker convicted of corruption charges has been assigned to a prison in California.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

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