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Posted: Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Familiar Plants of Coastal Alaska: A Guide to Identification," by Stephen MacLean

New full color plant guide featuring the most common and familiar plants of Alaska's coastal environments as well as the ferns, mosses, lichens, and trees. Detailed descriptions of how the temperate rainforest works, of the climate and major habitats such as forest, forest edge, coastal meadows, and muskeg bog. Designed for both the beginner and advanced learner, this book features oversize photos and handy tables that let readers quickly find plants.

Author Stephen Maclean is a retired professor from the University of Alaska and works as a naturalist on board cruise ships in the Inside Passage during the summer.

"The Alaska Bush Pilot Chronicles," by Mort D. Mason

The author of "Flying the Alaska Wild" revisits his most memorable moments of flying by the seat of his pants through blizzards and white-outs, on assignments at times hazardous and sometimes simply wacky, always with a sense of humor and due respect for the limitless wilds of Alaska beneath his wings. The world of a bush pilot really is the final frontier, and for 30 years Mason was there. In "The Alaska Bush Pilot Chronicles," Mason recounts more of his unlikely adventures in the face of Alaska's unforgiving weather and terrain.

Author Mort Mason has written about Alaska hunting, sport fishing, and backcountry flying for more than 25 years. He and his wife, Peggy, started the successful periodical Alaska Outdoors.

Treadwell Gold: An Alaska Saga of Riches and Ruin," by Sheila Kelly

"Treadwell Gold" presents first-person accounts from the sons and daughters of the miners, machinists, hoist operators, and superintendants who together dug and blasted the gold that made Treadwell rich. Alongside these stories are vintage photos that capture both the industrial vigor of the mines and the daily lives that made up Treadwell society.

Author Sheila Kelly has been studying Treadwell, where her father and aunts were born and raised, for more than twenty years. She lives in Seattle.

"Crossing the Gates of Alaska: One Man, Two Dogs, 600 Miles Off the Map," by Dave Metz

This is the story of Dave Metz's death-defying journey through the Arctic outback. Driven by his lifetime reverence for the outdoors, Metz, with the help of his two Airedale terrier dogs, embarks on a three-month epic of survival and determination, covering 600 miles through the remotest regions of the untamed North.

Oregon-based author Dave Metz has been to Alaska over a dozen times in the last twenty years. He's kayaked across Alaska twice, once with his dog Jonny riding in the bow, and lived there for two years in remote locations.

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