Princess Kathleen oil removal project complete

Posted: Thursday, June 03, 2010

JUNEAU - Divers have finished removing oil from the Princess Kathleen wreck off Lena Point. They have removed an estimated 110,000 gallons of bunker oil and additional amounts of other oils and contaminated water.

Divers removed oil from 14 fuel tanks and interior engineering spaces by "hot tapping," which uses hot water heat exchangers inserted in the fuel tanks to help pump the heavy bunker oil. Oil collection equipment separated the bunker oil from the water before it was transferred into the fuel barge to be shipped to a waste oil recycling and disposal center.

A safety zone in the Lena Point area will remain in effect until all equipment is removed. The barges and boom will remain on scene until dock space is available for decontamination.

State pollution response teams will continue to monitor the Princess Kathleen for any minor sheening.

The ship ran aground on Lena Point in 1952.

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