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Posted: Sunday, June 04, 2000

Surprise stop

The ferry carrying dozens of Celebration 2000 participants was late on its northbound run. If it had headed to Auke Bay, no one would have made the opening day procession. So, with permission, the Matanuska pulled up at the Coast Guard dock downtown Thursday. Some folks walked off and joined in the parade, suitcases in hand.

Title twist

Petersburg's Little Norway Festival Vikings are experiencing what organizational types call a leadership crisis, according to the Petersburg Pilot newspaper. King Fundar the Frivolous announced his retirement during last month's festivities, and couldn't find a replacement. He tried to hand his Viking crown over to Androg, God of Grog, but he said no. ``Why should I be king, when I'm already a god?'' asked Androg. Questioned about his accomplishments during his 20-year reign, Fundar mentioned his hard-line policy of no hard liquor for Vikings -- in the morning. And one problem if he does find a successor -- the crown may have been lost after it was left on the town gym's floor.

What's in a name?

Duke forward Carlos Boozer, formerly of Juneau, was recently asked to spell his coach's name after a Colorado Springs practice. It's spelled Krzyzewski, and pronounced Sha-shef-ski. Sitting on a bench, he dropped his face into his hands and peeked between his fingers, trying to get another player to help out. The player passed, as did another. Teammate Jason Williams finally solved the dilemma: ``It's Coach K, just K, that's how I spell it,'' Williams said. ``Give me three more years and I'll have it down pat.''

Medical humor

Prostate cancer testing advocate Mike Miller always enjoys adding a little levity to his presentations urging men to undergo the uncomfortable exams. As Tony Knowles signed a bill aimed at increasing insurance coverage for cancer tests Wednesday, Miller said, ``My message to men ... is not to leave your head in the sand like an ostrich. And, he joked, if they do insist on putting their heads in the sand, they'd be in the right position to have an exam.

Cashing in on rain

They've got lots of fish, so they have a salmon derby. They've got batches of berries, so they have a blueberry festival. And since they've got tons of rain, Ketchikan now has a rain derby. The Southeast town's chamber of commerce newsletter recently announced the contest. Tickets are $5, and it's not clear whether they're waterproof.

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