Student Artist: Chase Schooler

Posted: Thursday, June 04, 2009

Grade: 5

School: Mendenhall River Community School

What his teacher, Angie Wright, says about him:

"Chase is very creative in his thinking - not only in his artwork but his problem-solving skills, too. He approaches situations from a different perspective and helps us all see things in a unique way.

"The District Art teacher asked him once what was important to art and he answered 'Imagination." When asked what kicked his imagination into gear, he said, 'When I see crayons, paper, or clay - it stimulates my imagination.'"

Why did you first choose this art form?

"When my sister started showing me what she drew. She just draws lines and stuff. When you first see them, they look kinda weird, but in the end you go, 'Woaah!'"

How long have you been practicing this art?

"She started inspiring me when I was probably about 7 or so. I first started doing art with her at home, then I got so I could do it alone. I really got into it in school - with things like clay-making and stuff.

Do other family members show an interest in this art form?

My dad and my sister are my favorite artists. He really encourages her, because he used to draw a lot when he was young. I gave him a video cover once to draw and it looked exactly like it - details and everything! He can copy things really well.

What types of art, music, literature, etc... do you like best?

"I like Cheap Trick's 'Dream Police.' My favorite book is probably 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Vol.1' by Jeff Kinney."

What are your favorite art projects?

I'm doing scrap-booking right now with my class. I really liked this polar bear project. I also liked farm landscapes because we got to do rolling hills and... work with oil pastels.

What are your future plans in general?

I'd like to be athletic. Maybe join a professional baseball team. I play on the major league now, in little league.

Describe one of the biggest challenges you've experienced in your art and how you work to overcome it.

Sometimes, if I go slow, it doesn't turn out as well as when I go fast. Other times, you have to slow down to get things to turn out well ... I just work hard to do my best.

What other activities do you enjoy?

I like to play with our dog, Tinker. She's a boxer and she just loves to run. We timed her with the car and she can go up to 30 miles per hour! I like it when my sister takes me to do stuff, or when we're just hanging out, too.

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