Dead humpback towed out of Valdez

Posted: Thursday, June 04, 2009

VALDEZ - A dead humpback whale that was brought into the Port of Valdez on the bulbous bow of an oil tanker has been towed out to sea.

The tanker contracted a fishing vessel to drag the whale out of port Wednesday.

The charter's captain, Bernie Culbertson, told the Valdez Star he planned to let go of the carcass about 70 miles south of Valdez.

He said the whale was too bloated to sink, and said the Coast Guard wanted him to drop it off as close to the beach as possible.

Crewmen Monday on an escort vessel spotted the 40- to 50-foot whale along the water line of the tanker as it docked.

Officials said the whale was lodged on the bulbous protrusion of the ship's bow, but don't know if the whale was alive when it was struck by the ship.

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