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Posted: Tuesday, June 05, 2001

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I just read "The Peace that Shabbat Brings" by Chava Lee It was a beautiful and moving article. Thank you Chava. I want to say to you: Shabbat Shalom.

Kathy Buss

This is in response to the littering problem that we've been having for the past 10 years. You would think that if someone were old enough to buy food or buy drinks, they would know where to dispose of these items. Especially for those who ride the bus, the bus does supply a garbage can. Nowadays, because every few miles a sign is posted that says "litter control," everyone thinks that they can litter and that someone else will pick it up.

Andrea Danner

As I drove in from work Friday afternoon, traffic was backed up all the way to the Yacht Club because of an accident at the Salmon Creek traffic signal. I hope no one was hurt. I work for DOT, so some may consider me biased, but I was sure glad I wasn't stuck in the outbound traffic. I am troubled by the hidden costs of traffic signals. I saw two buses, one fully loaded, stuck in the traffic, too. I encourage the community to find ways in which to make this situation better.

David Hawes

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