An important program

Posted: Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Thanks for running the story on the Legislature's funding of half of the necessary costs to replace Bartlett Regional Hospital's mobile mammogram unit. When the need was brought to the attention of Senate Finance Committee member and Majority Leader Loren Leman, he agreed to insert the funding into the Capital Budget with the understanding that the hospital would be able to seek matching funds from other sources.

This is an important program and one Sen. Leman agreed should be continued for its outreach to other Southeast communities.

Rep. Hudson provided support for the funding when the Capital Budget passed to the House. Despite seeming to take credit for the Juneau projects in the Capital Budget, Sen. Elton had no impact on this funding. In fact, I cannot recall a single Senate Finance Committee meeting or Conference Committee meeting where he was in attendance.

Annette Kreitzer

Chief of Staff for Sen. Leman

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