Egan Drive protocol

Posted: Wednesday, June 05, 2002

All up and down Egan Drive are signs that say "Slower Traffic Keep Right." To me, this means "Keep right except to pass." I think most drivers don't consider themselves to be "Slower Traffic" so they feel free to drive in any lane at any time without paying any attention to other traffic. Unless you are the fastest driver on the road, and I hope you aren't, then by definition you are "Slower Traffic" and should stay in the right lane whenever possible.

Have a little consideration for others! Of course, there are times during rush hour when the right lane is full, but most of the day this isn't the case. When people park in the left lane and are oblivious to the traffic around them, this frequently results in lots of dangerous situations, such as tailgating, passing on the right, rapid lane changes, etc. I hope that more drivers can start obeying this simple traffic rule: "Keep right except to pass." This would help create smoother traffic flows, with fewer dangerous situations. Our driving freedom is enhanced by following the rules of the road, not by ignoring them.

Keith Hermann


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