Go Murkowski

Posted: Wednesday, June 05, 2002

It's the political season again and the air probably won't start to clear until next winter. Still I want to try to shine a light on one thing that has generated enough smoke to blot out the sun. United Fishermen of Alaska's endorsement of Frank Murkowski for governor is the voice of the man on the docks, not a plot by a few conspirators.

After eight years of sitting at the back of the bus under the Knowles-Ulmer administration, everyone, including commercial fishermen, needs a governor who is committed to the health and stability of our industry and our communities. We need someone who recognizes that fishing is business and Alaska's single-most-important business; that someone is Frank Murkowski.

I know Fran Ulmer says it's only the leaders of the fishing organizations who back Frank Murkowski. Let's be clear, if my fishing group didn't actively push to endorse Sen. Murkowski all they would see of me is my back as I left the room to put a Murkowski sign in my front yard.

Good for UFA! Go Murkowski!

Ken Eichner


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