Southeast Road Runners Sea Coast Relay

Posted: Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Results from the 11th annual Sea Coast Relay race, held Saturday on a 21.7-mile course from Mendenhall River School to Eagle Beach. The relay featured five legs of from three to five miles each. 22 five-person teams, one four-person team and five two-person teams competed in the race.

Female - Open

1. Mocha Millers (Kim Zwingelberg, Charity Platt, Shelly Saviers, Tara Jeans, Heather Conway), 2 hours, 47 minutes, 6 seconds; 2. Ben and Jerry's Euphoric Flavors (Gina Shirey, Amy Carroll, Carol Johnson, Sarah Thompson, Marlene Hanson), 2:52:10; 3. Shaken Not Stirred (Heather Johnson-Smith, Peggy Corazza, Kim Janelle, Teresa Lewis, Nancy Potts), 2:55:46; 4. Poetry in Motion (Cameron Young, Susan Scudder, Jan Beauchamp, Katie Perry, Mo Lodovici), 3:07:24; 5. Just for Fun (Kristie Erickson, Tama Stevenson, Kelly McCormick, Joan Herbage-O'Keefe, Janet Valentour), 3:07:30; 6. Blister Sisters (Melanie Brown, Virginia Stonkus, Jan Rutherdale, Ginny Fay, Liz Flory), 3:13:00; 7. Five Wonderful Women (Heather Haugland, Christin Martineau, Leslie Kuppper, Christine Schmid, Lisa Eagan), 3:20:56.

Female - Youth

1. Sows (Annie Fox, Brittany Rohm, Molly Krehlik, Brandy Westin, Heidi ), 2:31:57.

Female - Masters

1. 5 Star Ladies (Chris Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Marian Koelsch, Linda Giguere, Kate Slotnick), 3:03:46.

Mixed - Open

1. Not Quite Runners (Michele Schindler, Krista Grabenstein, Nicki McCoy, Stefen Ricci, Troy Heithecker), 2:30:55; 2. DeSleley (Daniel DeSloover, Paul DeSloover, David Eley, Breea DeSloover, Maria Eley), 2:36:03; 3. D2T3 (Debbie Hart, Timothy Hahnlen, Tom Lawson, Terri Fagerstrom, Dan McCrummen), 2:52:23; 4. Rainbow Runners (Ani Torgeson, Emily Kane, Peter Schwerer, Steve Foley, Linda Cohen), 3:01:49; 5. Andre's Crew (Andre Bunton, Jason Messing, Molly George, Beth Fitzgerald, Robert Bunton), 3:02:27; 6. O Taug (Bruce Hahnlen, Derek Peterson, Jeanne Foy, Lee Peterson, Donna Hahnlen), 3:15:01.

Mixed - Youth

1. Team Turtle (Janelle Smith, Justin Jones, Tyler Dinnan, Wesley Dinnan, Jordan Moser), 2:33:21.

Mixed - Masters

1. Jerry's Hat Tricks (Jerry Buckley, Lisa Kirsch, Andy Grossman, Keith Levy, Jim Douglas), 2:21:50.

Male - Open

1. Team 8:18 (Brian Nowlin, Tristan Knutson-Lombardo, Federico Milanetti, Jesse Stringer, Bryce Iverson), 2:11:40 (first place, all five-person teams); 2. Mined Over Matter (Andy West, Clive Marshall, Richard Storrie, Keith Marshall, Ben Guage), 2:29:58; 3. Team Coast Guard (David Savatgy, Jeff Bryant, Chris Grisafe, Shane Biedler, Timothy Connors), 2:42:40.

Male - Youth

1. Sharks (Cameron Clark, Erik Schlechter, Ky Clark, Mike Schlechter, Ben Schlechter), 2:56:58.

Male - Masters

1. Forest Gimps (Steve Davis, Tom Meyer, Brian Goettler, Guy Thibodeau), 2:15:30; 2. O Brother Where Art Thou? (Steve Foley, Reed Stoops, Neil Slotnick, Pat Gullefsen, Zane Clark), 2:28:42.

Female - Two-person

1. Vamos Chicas (Dawn Walsh, MaryAnn Gosling), 2:50:53.

Mixed - Two-person

1. Beauty and the Beast (Glenn Frick, Merry Ellefson), 2:20:02; Happy Toad (Julie Coris, Chris Wilkens), 2:58:55.

Male - Two-person

1. John Bursell (Dave Pusich, John Bursell), 2:08:06 (first place, all two-person teams and first place overall); 2. Better Late Than Never (Tom Casey, Don Eagle), 2:17:21.

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