A skewed JDHS Baccalaureate

Posted: Sunday, June 05, 2005

I was extremely disappointed in the 2005 Baccalaureate program on June 2. I attended as a graduating senior of the class of 2005. I attended this event under the assumption that it was for all who have faith. I was obviously mistaken. The keynote speakers at this event did not represent a diverse group of the churches in our community. Instead, they mostly represented Auke Bay Bible Church and the Valley Chapel.

The speakers chose not to speak to us about the blessing of God in congratulations. Instead, they preached their political views to an audience of students mainly from their congregations. These speeches were inappropriate for the occasion. They centered around their view of the problems with our society today, i.e. religion not in schools and government. They preached to us about God's love, yet with their own rules about who God loves.

As a life-long Episcopalian, let me tell you that the God I believe in was not represented tonight. The God I believe in cares and loves everyone despite their race, sexual preference, age, and gender. At one point a reference was made to our founding fathers and how they acted with a presence of God. Our founding fathers created the constitution which states in the First Amendment Establishment Clause that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." Thus, they may have acted with the presence of God, but they created a separation between church and state.

I hope that at next year's Baccalaureate, more churches are represented. I encourage all seniors of the class of 2006 to attend in hopes that it will not be representative of one belief, but many.

Elizabeth Schoenfeld


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