Cartoon an insult to the American soldier

Posted: Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The editorial page cartoon that ran in the May 30 Juneau Empire is an insult to the American soldier!

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I know it warms the black hearts of the Lefty elitists to whom the Empire caters to feel superior to the people who didn't study hard, get good grades, and wound up in Iraq - to quote one of their traitorous demigods, John Kerry - but the American soldier isn't in the military as his or her only option to a minimum wage job.

The slackers who joined because they thought the military was an easy ride to a paid-for education were gone after - many before - the first deployments; there's something about the idea of actually getting shot at that didn't appeal to them.

Likewise, the Lefty meme about dropouts and general equivalency diplomas is patently untrue; there are strict limits on accepting recruits with only a GED, and the high school-educated percentage of the military is greater than that of the population at large.

Not that facts mean anything to the Left, but study after study has shown the demographics of the military closely mirror that of American society at large. Fortunately, their attitudes, work habits and patriotism don't. While the elites sit comfortably and safely at home bashing America and its military, America's professional soldiers make the world safe for them to do so.

Frankly, the people who would produce and publish this cartoon don't deserve the service and self-sacrifice of America's professional soldiers. I'd much rather RJ Matson of the St. Louis Times Dispatch face Taliban fighters armed with his pencils than have my son face them from a fire base in southern Afghanistan on his behalf. Neither the Empire nor Matson are worth the danger to which he is daily exposed.

Art Chance


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