Good job, AEL&P

Posted: Thursday, June 05, 2008

I wanted to thank Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. for their hard work in getting the transmission towers up so much earlier than expected.

I know there must have been a lot of extra hours put in, and it is appreciated. I also wanted to thank AEL&P for having the ability to generate electricity while the towers were down. I have lived many places, but this is the only one that has the ability to do this. Anywhere else, you just do without.

I would also like to comment on some of the aspects of this whole thing. Anyone that knows anything about utilities understands that the companies, whether it's telephone or power, do not make up their rates. They have to get approval from the Utilities Commission to do any sort of rate increase, and they have show the need for the increase.

As for the thought that AEL&P is going to keep the rates up; this is ludicrous. Even if they wanted to, the commission wouldn't let them. So relax, folks, the rates will go down as soon as they can.

One more item I must touch on. I know Bill Corbus, Scott Willis and Tim McLeod personally, along with many other of the employees of AEL&P. These are men of integrity, honorable people. I find it very offensive for anyone to imply that they are trying to take advantage of the community. I know personally that the opposite is true. They work hard to offer the best service at the best rate possible.

Sure, mistakes were made, but who has not made a poor decision? Hindsight is always so clear and easy.

I also feel sad for the stress and unhappiness this has to have caused these fine people and their families. I, for one, say, "Thank you, AELP, for a job well done! You kept the lights on, and you fixed the problem so much quicker than expected."

I applaud you!

Linda Crapo


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