Wildfire reparation case stalls in court

Posted: Thursday, June 05, 2008

FAIRBANKS - A court in Fairbanks is mulling over a multimillion dollar case over reparations in a 2006 wildfire.

The Parks Highway Fire raged through the summer of 2006 and burned 130,000 acres in the area between Anderson and Nenana.

At least five families, the state of Alaska and the Nenana village corporation, have claimed more than $14 million in losses.

The state holds the largest portion of liability claims because of the cost of fighting the fire.

Authorities believe Thad Kolwicz, a one-time lieutenant colonel in the Alaska Air National Guard, started the fire after dumping ashes on his property.

His insurance company has so far only put up $340,000 to cover the losses related to the fire.

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