Valley Professional Center has followed all the rules

Posted: Friday, June 05, 2009

Here we go again. Another wasted evening having to publicly address more hypocritical lies written by Gordon Jackson. This is the second time I have been compelled to write a rebuttal to something printed by the Empire without any proof the author was telling the truth.

As owner of the commercial subdivision Valley Professional Center, to which Jackson is referring to as being clearcut, I must correct a few of the statements he made in his letter dated June 2.

First of all, this is not a clearcut logging operation. This is a seven-lot commercial subdivision where trees must be cleared in order for people to build structures that will support their businesses, dreams, families and contribute to the economy of our city, state and country.

Second, not a single tree was touched within the 50-foot setback to Jordan creek, which flows along the edge of our property. In fact, we voluntarily spent extra time and money installing a drainage system and vegetative buffer above and beyond what was required. We adopted suggestions from actual experts as we plowed through hours of meetings with all the different agencies.

Oh, and our excellent conversation with Jackson was a bit different then he wrote. After he was done cussing us out for cutting our own trees, my partner Scott Jenkins, who has way more patience than I, informed him that we would be cutting to the 20-foot buffer zone that we voluntarily established for the neighbors. This strip of land is valued at $150,000 at current market value.

Is Jackson kidding about doing whatever we want and not working within the system? We have abided by every stipulation, rule, code and permit that has been set forth and adopted on our behalf. If we had broken a single rule I'm pretty sure we would have already been publicly executed.

Jackson has a beautiful backyard, nice green lawn but no trees. I guess the trees in his backyard he was referring to were ours.

Bruce Griggs

Owner/developer, Valley Professional Center


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