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Posted: Tuesday, June 06, 2000

Tod Young

Title and firm: Owner, Integrity Automotive.Services: Tod Young provides tune-ups, brake work, repair and maintenance for cars and light trucks.

Biographical information: Born in Fairbanks, Young grew up in Tok. His parents owned a restaurant and an automotive business, Young Chevron, which they still maintain. In 1984, Young's mother got a job in Juneau, and the family moved; Young went to school in Juneau during the winter and returned to Tok each summer to work. After high school, he attended Green River Community College in Auburn, Wash., graduating with an associate's degree in Applied Science.

Young returned to Juneau in 1994 and opened his business in 1998.

``It's going faster than I can keep up with it,'' he said. Though he has a three- to five-year plan to expand, Young is content for the moment. ``We're kind of enjoying it the way it is.''

Family: Young and his wife, Teresa, have two sons, ages 6 and 3.

Notable: Young began his business in his garage and worked to build a solid base of customers before moving into the more competitive arena. He thinks this tactic helped his business deal with potential competition.

Quotable: ``Most of my business is referral business. It's just a small group of people that will talk and if they find somebody, they just keep coming back.''

Employees: Just Young at the moment, but he's considering hiring another employee within the next month.

Contact information: Call 789-6101; the shop is located at 2284 Industrial Blvd.

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