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Posted: Tuesday, June 06, 2000

In response to the Monday letter to the editor concerning summer bridge programs - I too as a parent noticed the high increase in cost. A class that was offered for $125 last summer was $240 this summer. We chose not to put our children in the programs because of cost.

I agree with the letter writer who was concerned about grade promotion. I have six kids and one has struggled throughout. Then you get to the high school and they're just promoting activities, activities, activities. Everybody needs to be more concerned about education.

With regard to the article on new firefighters needing to pass criminal and psychological examination testing, did our new fire chief and the last three out-of-state fire department employees also have the same exams? If not, why?

In response to the comment about the helicopter noise in Lemon Creek - by changing flight patterns this year, they've cut the noise down by at least 50 percent.

We need to complete the access road from town to the valley so the people that don't want to go 55 or 65 can enjoy their ride to town or back. The back road from Fred Meyers to Loop and from the hospital to Glacier Highway - not much to ask for.

Having been sick all weekend and homebound, I really appreciate KTOO's coverage of Celebration live on Alaska 2. Thank you very much.

Many thanks to the governor's office for having the Matanuska dock downtown and support Celebration 2000 by allowing a couple hundred Native passengers to get off downtown.

On the Echo Cove turnout and on Montana Creek Road, there's a bunch of people living in motor homes and campers. What's the deal? We have trailer courts in this town for these people to live in, yet they get to live tax free. It's not right. I think they should be moved.

Why does it take two CBJ employees to paint one fire hydrant?

I can think of better things to cut than the city jail. What about some of Eaglecrest's programs?

I find it totally reprehensible when a special interest group who claims they only want to be treated equally screams discrimination when they are. Shame on you Southeast Alaska Gay and Lesbian Association.

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