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Posted: Wednesday, June 06, 2001

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I have a comment about Mitch Albom's column. Mitch: You must not have kids. My Dad told me one time that if you ever want to be humbled, have children. Mine have humbled me many times. It doesn't mean President Bush is a bad guy. If I were in his spot I wouldn't want to make any comments either.

Pat Bingham

I'm still a single citizen in the city of Juneau trying to get the Outlook rebuilt. I've encountered some bureaucracy from the Rotary Club, the state of Alaska, and Fish and Game. I just want to get a railing built so people can enjoy the little piece of heaven we have alongside the highway. I've received a lot of phone calls already, and there's a lot of interest. Please call me at 789-6128 to get involved. Let's get this done and get beyond the bureaucracy.

Kirk Mclean

I was wondering what happened to the paving contractor on Glacier Highway near the Costco intersection. If he was grooving up the highway to get ready for the winter, he was a little early. If he's going to come back and repave it, I hope he smoothes out the ski jumps he added at each end where it says "pavement break." He paved in front of Western Auto and just disappeared. I was wondering if someone knew what happened to the paving contractor out there.

Jim Plosay

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