Shared space at local salon means triple service

Locals have a one-stop opportunity for getting hair and nails done, and enjoying massage therapy

Posted: Thursday, June 06, 2002

Three personal care businesses have converged in one space at 11806 Glacier Hwy. in Auke Bay. Hairdresser Sally Burnham, owner of Custom Cuts II since 1992, has moved her business from Industrial Boulevard and taken on two subleasers, Zeela Bryn Mauer and Patricia Hoek.

"It has an excellent view," said Burnham. "I've been telling my people that I can't buy a house with a waterfront view, but I can afford this."

Zeela Bryn Mauer, owner of Natural Nails by Zeela, and Patricia Hoek, owner of Alaskan Serenity Massage Therapy, bring their trades to Custom Cuts at its new location next to Chan's Thai Kitchen.

"All of our clientele can feed off each other," said Burnham. "This brings all of us out of the shadows."

Burnham came to Juneau in 1987 and worked at Sunburst, now Rujee's Hair Design. In 1991, she moved to Custom Cuts, which was owned by Jolene Shelton, and bought the shop from her in 1992.

Burnham moved Custom Cuts to Auke Bay on April 1 and remodeled for 42 days. A grand opening is coming soon.

"The Auke Bay community out the road has accepted us greatly," said Burnham. "It's a good move."

Burnham had a lot of space in the new location, so she was willing to sublease some of it to Bryn Mauer and Hoek. Bryn Mauer has partitions that give her the privacy she needs to do pedicures and manicures, and Hoek had a room built to accommodate massage therapy.

"Zeela and Pat wanted to come out and be independent, so I gave them space," said Burnham.

According to Burnham, Don Howell, the owner of the building that houses Custom Cuts, is installing coin-operated washers, dryers and showers for fisherman and Auke Bay residents in the building.

"Fishermen will be able to come in and get everything done in one place," said Burnham. "The whole building is finally becoming something."

The services provided by all three businesses under Custom Cuts II's roof complement each other and offer the community a combination of personal care services.

"I think it's a fabulous idea," said client Charlotte Carroll. "The businesses are harmonious; I can go and have a manicure, haircut and massage in the same place."

Bryn Mauer has been established in Juneau for more than four years providing pedicures and manicures that focus on health. She does not do extensions to the nails.

Bryn Mauer moved Oct. 20, 1997, to Juneau from Michigan, where she had her own business for 10 years. She thought it would be a good idea to establish herself in a shop until she was able to get out on her own, and became employed at Seventh Heaven.

Leaving Seventh Heaven was hard for Bryn Mauer, but she felt it was time to become independent.

"It was time to be on my own, so I started looking around and comparing situations and locations," said Bryn Mauer. "Sally's space was available, and I made the decision because of the wonderful things I would benefit by renting from her."

The move to independence is new for Hoek as well. She established her name and credentials while working on contract doing therapeutic massage therapy for two Juneau chiropractors, and most enjoys orthopedic massage, which assesses and treats acute and chronic soft tissue injuries.

Hoek received her certification in massage therapy from the University of Alaska Anchorage and trained under James Waslasky, an internationally known lecturer, author and massage therapist who works in sports.

"I like what he does, but I work more in the working person's area," said Hoek.

A professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association, Hoek is nationally certified and works part time as an engraver at Oliver's Trophies and Engraving.

"It's fun," Hoek said. "It's two completely different things. Massage is a totally different mindset."

Hoek does a combination of Swedish massage and orthopedic massage, depending on what a client needs.

Charlotte Carroll, like other clients, enjoys the view of the harbor from the reception area.

"It adds another dimension for me," said Carroll, engineering secretary at Alaska Electric Light and Power. "I'm not stuck away somewhere."

The new location of the shop may be farther away, but Carroll does not feel put out.

"I live in North Douglas," Carroll said, "and it is absolutely worth the drive."

Custom Cuts can be reached at 789-8488; Alaskan Serenity Massage Therapy at 789-9119; and Natural Nails by Zeela at 796-FEET.

Emily Wescott can be reached at

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