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Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 06, 2004

I would like to address the issue talked about in Friday's paper, about the concert that was shut down. I not only think it was unfair but it was very rudely done. I may not know very much on how a school is run, but I do know a lot about manners, and that would make me, if I was the band playing, never want to come back to that school. I think that if you're allowed to pray and hold the meetings in the room at lunch, why not worship the person you're praying to? I think that they should have let them continue playing.

There was a supervisor and a teacher there - more than one. It wasn't like the concert wasn't safe. The strange thing is every time somebody wants to know why it was shut down he or she can't get a straight answer, and not everybody gets the same one. It always changes. Why don't they just tell us it was because we were worshipping God? I'm sure a lot of people may not agree or think that this is a huge issue, but to some it is. We weren't trying to separate anybody out. It was open to everybody. Non-believers were there too, I'm sure. This was a chance to show them what it's like and that we're normal people even though we believe in God.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was upset or mad that the concert was shut down, but for me it goes deeper than that. It makes me feel my belief isn't important and that I can't let people know that I'm a believer because I might get shut down too. Millions of people died for God because they didn't want to deny him, so why should we? Should we back down from Staley or anybody else for that matter? No, I don't think we should. I think that we should raise our voices and be heard about what we believe in no matter what.

Samantha Reigard


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