Wasting money on poll

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 06, 2004

For goodness sake, now we have to spend more money on a subject that has been discussed, discussed, discussed and debated. We are going to spend money to "poll" voters on why they voted yes or no. Instead of spending monies on a poll wasting money when the city/school is supposedly in a financial crunch, why don't the knowledgeable citizens who will make up the focus group go back six months of the Juneau Empire editions and read all the letters to the editor. There will by plenty of reasons with yes/no explanations. But I do thank the Assembly and School Board for coming up with an innovative name for a new committee. Task force, ad hoc committee and subcommittee names are boring. Focus group sounds exciting.

Maybe the dollars spent on this poll would have gone a long way towards reinstating an employee or two who's being let go because of lack of funds? Let's decide, are we going to fish or cut bait?

Timothy Bigelow


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