Thank you for the unforgettable week

Posted: Friday, June 06, 2008

My four children traveled with me to our capital city last week. Our reason for coming was solely for my 2-year-old to have some medical tests, but we were rewarded with so much more! In less than a week's time, we took in much of what Juneau had to offer both family and youth. I determined before we left, I wanted my children to have fun and not just drag them around to shop.

We started with excellent care and a personal touch at Bartlett Regional Hospital. We hardly even noticed it was under construction, as we were escorted from the wrong building by a smiling doctor direct to the radiology department.

Twice we had our fill of your magnificent new playground at Twin Lakes. Even with many families out enjoying the gorgeous weather, it was a spacious and well-laid out facility. As a member of our local Parks and Rec Board here in Petersburg, I felt the facility safe, clean, and family-oriented - not to mention fun!

Downtown, we cruised past the tour boats and tourists to enjoy a reminiscent visit out Thane Road with my dad, who spent his childhood in that enjoyable neighborhood. We took part in the Memorial Day Ceremony at Evergreen Cemetary and also enjoyed Rotary Park and the excellent staff at Riverbend Elementary School.

Our friendly neurologist told us we could visit her pony down Crazy Horse Drive, so my excited children got to see "orsies." We drove on down to the pristine Mendenhall Golf Course, which gave us a spectacular view of the glacier as well as over to the University to catch some fun during Community Day on Campus.

Thanks to the Alaska Marine Highway System for having a "fast ferry" up and running between Petersburg and Juneau, and to the fine folks in your community who welcomed us with smiles. Keep it up Juneau! Keep your town and your hearts open to all, including new commerce and change. I know you make some money of those tourists coming to town, but you made some unforgettable special memories for my family and I.

See you soon!

Summer Baxter (Sperl) and family


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