Thanks for contributing to our school Fun Run

Posted: Friday, June 06, 2008

Our school held its annual Harborview Elementary School Fun Run on May 16. There are many folks who made it possible. A huge thank you to all Harborview office staff who helped: Marti Corcoran, Natalie Rothaus and Darlene Jacobsen. Our principal, Dave Stoltenburg, was the starter. All teachers helped by walking or jogging with their classes and others.

The Harborview Parent Teacher Association, lead by Erin Willis and Martha McGonegal, along with other parents, did an excellent job feeding the school afterward. They served hot dogs, pretzels, carrots and hot drinks.

Several government agencies were critically important. The Department of Transportation and highway maintenance, led by Earling Olson, helped control traffic. Sheila Good, from their Right-of-Way Office, permitted us. The Parks and Recreation Office, with Crandall Mark, handled race timing, and the Juneau Police Department's officer Rumfield processed the parade permit and patrolled the event route.

McDonald's kindly donated the use of water containers. Velda Yamashiro, Gary Miller and Sean Huntley "personed" the water stations and turnaround. Our school nurse, Judy Miles, organized our medical monitors - Steve Iha, Steve Byers and Darlene Jacobsen. Many parents also walked, paced, jogged and cheered their children.

Lastly, Alaska Coach Tours ferried students back to school from the end of the event. Thank you, everyone, for contributing to our school spirit and community health. Harborview rocks!

Dave Haas

Physical education, Harborview Elementary School


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