Parnell deserves applause but needs to use logic

Posted: Sunday, June 06, 2010

I applaud our governor for trying to trim the fat from our over-inflated budget and at least trying to do something about our politicians' spending habits. But when he looks at a bill and weighs the good and the bad to decide which ones make it and which don't, he might want to use some logic next time.

With a swift stroke of his pen he denied more then 200 pregnant women the funds to get the proper medical care they need. Over 1,000 children will be denied when their parents/caregivers apply for funds to cover medical expenses. I understand and respect him for standing by his beliefs on abortion, but at the cost of thousands of people's well being? This was not a bill to take a stance on to make a point, it was about taking care of our children and pregnant women.

Stuart Ashton


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