Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 06, 2010

I was a cadet participant in the Civil Air Patrol International Cadet Exchange in 1956, wherein I traveled to Mexico as a representative of the cadets from Massachusetts. One of my fellow honorees was a cadet named Peter D. Hocson from Juneau. We spent a couple of very exciting weeks in Mexico as guests of their government and came away with a good many fond memories.

One of the most enduring memories for me was that of getting to meet this wonderful young man from your city.

I have recently tried to track Pete down through the Internet so we could hash over old times and perhaps catch up on our lives since '56, but have been unsuccessful save for a few news stories in your fine paper in which he, as CEO of a local company, was having some difficulty over a land dispute with some dissidents in the area.

If Pete reads this letter or is told about it, I would really like to hear from him.

Thank You

George H. Welliver

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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