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Posted: Wednesday, June 07, 2000

...for meet help

Juneau-Douglas Track and Field Program would like to thank all the volunteers who helped with the Region & Invitational Meet on May 5-6 and May 19-20.

Dan Hall, Tom McLaughlin, Bruce Denton, Sharon Denton, Mr. and Dr. Krehlik, Mr. and Mrs. DeSloover, Sara Peacock, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Kim Rivera, Nancy Thomas, Kurt Dzinich, Whitney Bloom, Orion Bloom, Quin Bloom, Mr. Crossley, Bob Smith, Dan Gaber, Kent Durand, Mo Marshall, Glen Frick, Robert Sowers, Dr. Bursell, Cricket Curtain, Sandi Wagner, Jim Derns, Asher Hall, George Houston.

Thanks for your continuing support; we qualified 20 athletes for the state meet.

Tracy Rivera

Head Coach

...for family support

Sophie F. Marvin will be remembered for her unconditional love. The outpouring of your friendship shows that she, at one time, touched your heart.

Sophie battled against cancer for most of her life when medications were not so available - thanks to the doctors and nurses at Bartlett Regional Hospital and the St. Ann's Nursing Center that she didn't have to spend her last days in pain.

Thanks to Huna Totem Corporation for the use of your beautiful building for the Cultural Memorial Service; Sealaska Corporation for the assistance of your staff to get the funeral service programs printed; Tlingit-Haida Central Council; and the Bethel Assembly of God Church for the Celebration of Life Service.

Our hearts were comforted by so many relatives and friends and your prayers instilled in our hearts that she lived a full and happy life, and it was time for God to enjoy her company. On behalf of the family of Sophie F. Marvin, we would like to extend our sincerest thank you for your support, prayers, contributions and flowers. Please take care.

Barbara J. Whitcraft

...for providing trip

Thank you to everyone who helped give cancer patient Alex Villegas, his mother, Brenda and me a memorable vacation.

Thanks to Alex's other ``fairy godmother,'' Ms. Lynne Wunsch, who organized and collected the Alaska Airlines ``buddy passes,'' enabling Alex and Brenda to fly to Juneau from San Diego. Ms. Wunsch also arranged a helicopter tour and meals at The Hangar and the Twisted Fish. Ms. Wunsch is ``fairy godmother'' to all Southeast cancer patients, since she collects Alaska Airlines upgrades and buddy passes to reduce the cost of travel for them.

Thank you to Ms. Dot Wilson, one of the owners of Coastal Alaska Helicopters, for giving us a tour of the glaciers. Alex thought that tour was the best part of his trip. He told the Alaska Airlines pilots on the flight home that he could help co-pilot their plane since he had co-piloted the helicopter the day before.

Thank you to Mr. Murray Damitio, owner of both The Hangar and the Twisted Fish, for our dinners there. Eating out is one of Alex's favorite activities, and he rated the french fries at the Twisted Fish as the best ever. Brenda was moved by the red rose you gave to her for Mother's Day.

Thank you to Alaska Airlines employees who donated their buddy passes, and to Messrs. Vidie and McKay for allowing the Villegases to fly with confirmed reservations and for putting them in first class for their trip home. Thanks also to Ray Vidic for so many things, including organizing a boat trip and locating a wheelchair for Alex to use. Thanks to Mr. Craig Dahl of Alaska Pacific Bank for donating the money that allowed Alex and his mom to use the Alaska Airlines buddy passes. Thanks also to Messrs. Aldwyn McCuiston, Adam Munroe, Tyler Israelson and Paul Caldwell for donating money for their travel expenses.

Thank you also to the Raptor Center volunteers, Ms. Jamie Rountree-Sorg and Ms. Kathy Benner, who introduced Alex to Liberty the Bald Eagle and to Kira, the peregrine falcon. Alex loves raptors, especially eagles. Thank you also to Ms. Pat Bock, who gave Alex two Raptor Center t-shirts. When Alex returned to San Diego he wore the eagle t-shirt for three straight days, and only agreed to take it off when he received another eagle t-shirt in the mail.

And speaking of eagles, thank you to Mr. Don Kubley for sharing his eagle expertise with us when he took us out on his boat on a whale watching trip. Thanks also to the Brown, Carpeneti, Chalmers and Vidic families for entertaining us. Brenda was touched by everyone's hospitality. Alex wants to move to Juneau.

Finally, thanks to those individuals who have contributed money toward Alex's medical expenses and to those who have prayed for his recovery. This is the third year in a row that Alex has had to battle brain cancer. He has a tough road ahead of him, yet he and his mother continue to be optimistic about his recovery. I am grateful that they have such fond memories of their trip north.

Marilyn Kamm

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