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Posted: Wednesday, June 07, 2000

To prisoners' families protesting phone costs - write letters. A letter only costs 33 cents and you can include photos. Words are easily forgotten but letters and photos can be reread and viewed often.

You know what they say, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. I have no sympathy for all those poor people in jail. They can still use a stamp - it's only 33 cents.

It's amazing that somebody who commits a crime expects to have their phone calls paid for. If they wanted to do the time, let them pay their dime for the phone call.

I have a son in Arizona and a daughter in Anchorage. It's more expensive to call long distance in state than to call Arizona. Let's save our convicts some money and do ourselves a favor - send them all to Arizona.

In response to the letter writer's comments on DEC's ``misguided priorities,'' I say we need to recognize that DEC's priorities also consist of preventing cruise ship waste and insuring that our drinking water in Juneau is safe. Serious environmental issues are being dealt with.

On these abandoned automobiles, I think they need to turn those in to (the Division of) Motor Vehicles. Then when a person comes back to Juneau to get another rig, they can say ``sorry,'' and make them pay for the one they dumped.

To all the commercial fishermen calling themselves charter fisherman - all other commercial fisherman have limits that are set upon them. So should you. Live with it.

In protest of the new charter boat regulations, I plan to take four locals out fishing for four hours every Wednesday for free. If they fish on my boat for free, they have not chartered the vessel and they can keep their salmon. If I charge them a dollar, they cannot keep their salmon. So it's going to be free.

Most Thane Road residents live four miles from a sewer treatment plant. Why can't we have sewer systems when we're so close? This is ridiculous.

A big thank you to the Southeast Alaska Gay and Lesbian Alliance for the block party. It was a blast and I hope it becomes an annual event.

Why do large cruise line buses park empty in the museum area? They make it very difficult for other people to drive through and/or park. Is this part of voluntary compliance?

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