Fishing Report

Posted: Thursday, June 07, 2001

King salmon fishing in the Juneau area improved a little bit last week, taking an average of 39 hours to land a keeper. The five-year average is 28 hours and last year it took 56 hours to land a king salmon. Outer Point and Cordwood produced the most fish, followed by Lizardhead, the Breadline, and Auke Bay. Kings were also picked up at South Shelter, Point Retreat and Point Salisbury. Angler effort at Picnic Cove is dropping off, which is normal for this time of year. If you are jigging herring to use for bait, please be careful to return any juvenile salmon you might hook in the process.

Chums are continuing to move into the Juneau area, being picked up at Lizardhead, Funter Bay, Cordwood Creek and the Breadline. These early chums are bright and are excellent for the smokehouse and good on the barbecue. Chums can provide a lot of action, as they travel in large schools and will hit spoons, plugs and herring.

While over 90 percent of the angler effort was concentrated on salmon fishing, anglers venturing out to the Icy Strait area searching for halibut were fairly successful. Last week it took nine hours to land one of the prized bottom-fish. This is the same as the five-year average, while last year it took 10 hours. Halibut fishing should improve until September, when the halibut catch rates drop off.

Also, Eagle Beach and Auke Bay reopened to Dolly Varden fishing on June 1. Windfall Creek is closed from June 1 until August 1 to all sport fishing, except that during June, fishing is open Wednesdays and Saturdays for limited sockeye salmon fishing (bag limit one per day).

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