So many salmon ... You know what to do

Posted: Thursday, June 07, 2001

Sport fishermen are facing too much of a very good thing - king salmon.

With a surplus of hatchery-produced king salmon swarming toward Juneau, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is opening the salt water from the Juneau Douglas Bridge to False Outer Point and Indian Point to fishing them. The daily limit will be four king salmon, of which no more than three may be 28 inches or longer.

The opening begins Saturday and will continue through Aug. 31. Non-residents can also fish in those areas without it counting toward their annual limit of three king salmon.

Fish and Game is also opening all freshwater drainages crossed by the road system from Saturday through Sept. 30. The hatchery kings aren't needed for broodstock in the streams. The only stream expected to have a significant return is Fish Creek Pond on Douglas Island, where about 500 kings are expected. There anglers will be allowed to use bait, weighted hooks and lures and multiple hooks with a gap between the point and shank larger than half an inch. Anglers will also be allowed to snag fish, hooking them somewhere besides the mouth.

The only other freshwater where bait is allowed is Twin Lakes and Salmon Creek Reservoir. Bait is prohibited in all other freshwater on the road system from Nov. 16 through Sept. 14. Snagging fish is also not allowed in other freshwater.

Fish and Game recommends trying large spinners, krocodile spoons, buzzbomb type jigs or large flies. These fish will also take herring or salmon eggs.

For details call the sport fish office at 465-4320 or 465-4270.

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