Murkowski doesn't listen to the people

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We are innkeepers in Haines and have been in the lodging business for 26 years. Gov. Murkowski and Robin Taylor, in their eternal quest for economic development and more jobs for Alaskans, are destroying our economic future by purposely cutting off access to transportation in Southeast Alaska.

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For eight days now, the Alaska Marine Highway System schedule has been unavailable for viewing or booking, for those needing to get themselves, friends, families and goods from point A to point B. Due to Gov. Murkowski's and Taylor's political ambitions, it is now impossible to try to make a living and do business while keeping dollars flowing in Southeast Alaska. People cannot do much of anything without access to transportation. It is blatantly clear, now more than ever, that Gov. Murkowski and Taylor have cut off Alaskans' right to access by managing the marine highway system for their own political gains.

Living in Alaska during the Murkowski administration is ironically similar to living in a Communist country; the will of the people is not listened to, and people's basic rights, such as their ability to move and make a living, are taken away. We can only hope that Murkowski and Taylor are looking forward to retirement very soon, to a place where they can't continue to do harm to anyone but themselves.

Norm and Suzanne Smith


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