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Posted: Wednesday, June 07, 2006

As an avid reader of the Letters to the Editor section of the Empire, I find myself somewhat confused by some recent submissions. I find a liturgy of letters tagging the Juneau access road, with a short ferry connection to Haines, as a "road to nowhere." The definition seems to be that a road that ends at a ferry terminal is a "road to nowhere." My question is why we continue to spend state maintenance dollars to keep the roads open from the border to Haines and Skagway when, except for a small local population, they fit this definition of "roads to nowhere?"

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As a longtime resident of Alaska and Juneau, I remember advocating for Skagway being connected to the Canadian interior by road and for the state paying for winter maintenance of the Canadian portion of the Haines cutoff, so those Alaskans could be connected to the rest of Alaska and beyond. I wonder why it is different when we desire a connection? If all these people have a reason for opposing a road that will benefit the residents of Juneau, the Legislature and the rest of Alaska, I would appreciate an explanation other than a tired and overused phrase of the month.

Romer E. Derr


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