Why pay 100 percent?

Posted: Thursday, June 07, 2007

There seems to be some confusion about the coming bond election scheduled for Tuesday:

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The question is not "Do we want to pay for these projects?"

The question is "Do we want to pay 30 percent for the projects (vote yes) or do we want to pay 100 percent for the projects (if we vote no).

These projects are underway. We are committed to pay for them whether we do it now or later, whether we like them or not. This bond election gives us the chance to get them done at 30 percent of the cost, with the state paying 70 percent.

Vote yes and get the sale price of 70 percent off.

Why pay 100 percent? If we vote no, we will pay 100 percent sooner or later. Please vote yes. Let's save some money.

Nancy DeCherney


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