New curriculum makes good sense

Posted: Thursday, June 07, 2007

Regarding reporter Greg Skinner's article in Monday's Juneau Empire concerning the "big changes in store" at Thunder Mountain High School, it seems common sense and educational research endorsed by scholars and home educators the past 200 years is being heeded. Contrasting the local brick and mortar, one-size-fits-all government mentality with concerned parental leadership, individual learning styles, meaningful alternatives and impressive results, there's encouragement and hope for the individual futures of Juneau's youth.

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Humans don't all learn or goal the same. Children aren't all ready for formal education at the same age. Does one book or curriculum suit all? And does learning best take place within four walls, confined with same-aged peers at differing levels of maturity, interrupted by bells and whistles, not to ignore growing concerns over safety and security issues for the herded-all-on-one-campus student body and staff?

Congratulations to Bernie Sorenson, committee members and fellow educators. Here's hoping we're finally reading from the same page, focusing first on each individual student's well-being and not ourselves, our pay checks or retirement benefits.

When it comes to educational effectiveness, family involvement, academic freedom, serious work ethics, friendly competition, responsible citizenship, individual student potential and God-given dignity and worth, less government interference is more.

Rory Schneeberger


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